Or, in search of surprise and delight: the Shaggy, the Baggy, and the Craggy

Tanya X. Short is the Captain of Kitfox Games and game designer of Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, Shattered Planet, and more. She also co-edited two textbooks on procedural design in games.

In every field of design, be it product, graphic, game, or interior design, you will find a hallowed glade in which razor-minded producers and visionary aesthetes meet called “elegance”.

Elegance is a popular place. Dieter Rams, a massively influential product designer and successor to Bauhaus, popularized the functionalist school of thought, invoked famously in the…

Kitfox Games

Games with dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. Currently: Boyfriend Dungeon, Lucifer Within Us, Dwarf Fortress, Mondo Museum • kitfoxgames.com

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